HiPeople Close $2.6m Round

We're delighted to announce the latest round from HiPeople.

HiPeople Close $2.6m Round
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Hi all,

We’re delighted to announce that HiPeople has just closed a $2.6m round. Having led their $3m seed in late 2020, we’re pleased to welcome Mediahuis Ventures, who are leading this latest round, and returning investors Capnamic and Cherry Ventures.

HiPeople is on a mission to make hiring easy and fast for everybody, and founders Jakob Gillmann and Sebastian Schüller – with backgrounds in HR-tech business at Peakon and growth at Google – are the people to do it.

Their platform automatically collects, analyses, and visualises all critical data on a company’s candidates and recruiting process, allowing HR teams to enrich their information without additional manual work. This includes reference and background checks, candidate assessments, candidate experience feedback and quality of hire analytics. HiPeople centralises all of these data points in a single platform. So, what usually takes companies up to nine different tools can all be done with one, creating a simple, unified experience for both recruiters and candidates.

The new reality of remote work – and remote hiring practices – has only increased the complexity of finding the right talent. But, what HiPeople has built enables anybody to make better hiring decisions, all while improving processes and increasing hiring velocity.

They’re not only improving the efficiency of the recruiting process – with time to hire cut by 50% on average – but also increasing the quality of hires, translating to a 40% lower attrition rate.

This latest investment will help propel HiPeople’s growth, expanding its footprint in its core markets and deepening its offering. Jakob and Sebastian are one step closer to fixing mis-hiring once and for all, and we’re proud to be part of the journey.

Mattias and the Moonfire team